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I am Paty Walliz, or “Pepem” my Mayan name which means butterfly. 


I arrived in this wonderful world in one of the most special energy points of

the planet, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. 

I had the opportunity to live in different parts of the world, like USA, Japan, UK

and now I live in Australia where I call home together with my beautiful husband

and our sons.


I consider myself an Earth Citizen and not from a specific geographical location. 


From an early age I have always sought for answers that led me to a strong commitment

to my spiritual path. 

My maternal grandmother “Mami” was a pillar in my initiation into the commitment to spirituality. 

My paternal grandmother "Abuelita" sowed in me the seed of wisdom of my origins and linage from

the Mayan culture.  

She shared with me the arts of Mayan Cacao blends and the wisdom of the Mayans cosmovision. 

I was exposed to sacred rituals of plants understanding their power and how plants have held the

space for us since the beginning. 


From there my hunger for answers led me to explore different spiritual paths and traditions; the Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism and study the worldview of the humanity from different cultures, visiting spiritual sanctuaries in India, China, Japan, East Asia, North Africa, Italy, the Amazon, and today in Australia. 

I am always looking for those sacred connections beyond race or geographical locations. 

At the end of the day our most important mission in this existence (which we have forgotten) is to return to oneness regardless of the spiritual discipline that is practiced. 

At some point in my life, I got carried away by what is expected of in our society and I became disconnected, until I had 2 very strong wake-up calls: 

The first was my first baby's departure 14 hours after birth. 

The second, a health condition while pregnant that caused my third baby boy to be born at 25 weeks with severe health complications and the fear of losing my second child. 

This second experience was the beginning of an awakening that took me more than two years to understand and to get back on track to what I always knew was my calling in this life.  


To regain my communion with nature and sacred connections was so clear that I decided to start learning again and reconnect with this wisdom through in-depth studies of medicinal plants, heart-brain coherence and  new Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences in order to reach the PhD in Natural Medicine and ancestral medicine practices.  


I am delighted to connect with you and assist you in your own healing journey through our signature products and healing practices. 


Surfing Butterfly is promoting a new Healing Wave 

Sadly nowadays, age is synonymous with being unhealthy.

Every day there are younger people having serious health issues when DIS - EASE means lack of wholeness.

Our bodies were designed to be healthy.  Our cells can produce all the chemicals to stay that way 

Our vision is to empower people to re-connect to their inner self and own individual health so they can access the infinite possibilities and recover their wholeness.

We are passionate about living a heart-centered life through the virtue of elevated frequencies and natural solutions.

A journey to find an integral balance by living a lifestyle aligned with the laws of nature.

Surfing Butterfly, which means transforming gracefully in each wave of life, provides day-to-day experiences and insights that can show you that by thinking out of the box you can find the solution to a happier and more fulfilled life, by finding that balance between daily routine while enjoying improved values in life.

We pride ourselves on selecting the best suppliers, preferentially family businesses, to supply the herbs for our plant-based solutions. Drawing on a tight-knit network of ethical growers to bring us pure and responsibly sourced products, healthy for people and planet alike.


Our uniqueness


- We are filling a gap in the market by creating high-frequency products that specifically aid us with the healing of our chakras

- Plant-based and Organic

- An ecological and sustainable approach

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