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You are invited...
To join in authentic Indigenous and contemporary medicine rituals for three (3) days and nights in the Sonic Sanctuary Gardens of Steve Weis, nestled in the heart of Noosa Hinterland.

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Ceremonial-Immersive Camp

Awakening My Inner Eye 

September 23rd to 26th
  Noosa Hinterland, QLD

(ATLACHINOLLI is a concept used by ancient civilisations representing Fire and Water - Surrender and Purification)          


Aligned with the mighty equinox, for the Ancient Mayans, this time is when the feathery snake "Kukulkan", descends from the sun to anchor the wisdom from the cosmos to earth.

This immersive experience will be infused with transformative, rich, ancient and contemporary ceremonial rituals to guide you in awakening your inner vision.

Awakening the inner eye is a path of remembering: from within your physical body, all the way to the cosmic stars.

It is from this human body experience that we can expand our soul.


During the retreat:

  • We will delve deep into practices that will allow us to understand the art and science of AYNI,  ​​the principle of reciprocity and harmony with all that surrounded us.

  • We will awaken ancient memories stored in our DNA so we can step into our Soul's purpose - fully. 

  • We will explore the ancient wisdom of Las Abuelas

    • Las Abuelas or “The Grandmothers” are known to be the Guardians of the Sacred Codes on Earth in ancient civilisations

  • Y​ou will anchor the wisdom from the sun that will awake your internal eye so you can anchor it in every cell in your body

  • You will retrieve the Three Sacred Connections, the connection where the creative forces meet in your body (Your heart - TEYOLIA), the connection with the principle of the divine feminine, our mother earth, and the connection with the first medicines that lies in every human being.

This retreat has been specially designed by Paty Lizama “Pepem" (Pepem means butterfly in Mayan language; Paty's lineage), Founder of the Fire and Water Ceremonies of Surrender and Purification.


This cam is for you if you have a strong and deep longing to move forward, and step up, into discovering and reclaiming your own Inner Vision; To heal your ancestral linage through sacred Indigenous rituals; To awake your inner eye as you activate your own Healing Voice.

"I found Paty's Atlatchinolli retreat to be a profoundly meaningful, truly nurturing and a powerful experience. The deep traditional release work through the four elements, immersion in nature and heartfelt connections with fellow participants and facilitators left me feeling emotionally renewed and inspired. The vegan and fermented cuisine was simply outstanding. I loved it! 💗"



(Included in Camp Fee)

* Three-night accommodation in a nature sanctuary surrounded by mountains and the most unique sounds and art made with recycled metal materials by renowned artist Steve Weis. 

(See accommodation options below)

* Nourishing wholefood meals and snacks throughout the retreat

* A pampering welcome gift-pack 

* Daily contemporary and ancestral Indigenous medicines from the Mayan, Toltec and Inca traditions :

Ancestral & Ceremonial  Medicine

  • Powerful meditations based on ancestral techniques and deep sound

  • Full Fire and Water Ceremony

  • Drum circle with the Big Mother Earth Drum Activator

  • Ancient ceremonial rituals throughout the retreat

Sound & Movement Medicine

  • Sound frequencies from powerful and heart-opening instruments

  • Traditional Indigenous healing songs, prayers and tunes (e.g from the MayanNahuatlLingali and Quechua languages)

  • Embodying movement sessions to activate self-expression, self-healing, and heart coherence


Cosmic Medicine

  • Code activations within your body

  • Knowing, and working, with your personal Soul code 

  • Dream Travel 


Plant Medicine

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Herbal medicines and wildcrafted teas to assist you through various ancient rituals and retreat activities

  • Access to unlimited ceremonial herbal tea blends 

Ongoing, Retreat Support

  • Practical tools that will allow you to integrate your retreat experience, knowledge, and insight into your daily life


After-retreat Support 

  • A private online support group to connect with Pepem, retreat guides, and participants 

  • 50% discount for a 1:1, 90-min individual session with Pepem

"I can’t express my gratitude enough. What a beautiful moment shared. I’ve never felt so much peace after leaving this beautiful gathering. I wish I could bottle that feeling." ~ ALISON TUCKER


Your camp host & guides 

HOST & GUIDE: Paty Walliz "Pepem"

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Pepem curates ancient wisdom and ritualistic techniques into powerful, innovative, and traditional ceremonies.


After an extensive run of transformative life experiences, Pepem has achieved a rich understanding of deep healing techniques through surrender and heart-coherence.


She's an Ancestral Meditation Healing facilitator, a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Sound Frequency Awakener.

Her passion is to offer opportunities where everybody, regardless of their experience or background, can connect into the sacred space of the heart and awaken their inner healer.

More about Pepem


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Steve Weis is a Metal Artist and Master of Sound.

Steve will take us on a cosmic and ethereal journey into the world of iron and metal through his sound sculptures.


His personal reflections on the intersections between life and art are reflected in the nuanced and sonorous sound world he has created.

 GUIDE: Donna Gillingham AKA "Donna Luna"

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Donna is our retreat well-being support, and archetypal-grandmother, emanating unconditional love and care. 


Donna is passionate about bringing the divine healing feminine energy out of each human, regardless of their gender.


She's a Quantum Meditator, Mindfulness Mentor, and Intuitive Transformational Coach - helping individuals to reconnect and remember their divine birthrights.


Donna raised her five children on her own, and is a grandmother of nine grandchildren.

 CHEF: Maria Jose Maldonado 

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Maria is our retreat chef.

Her food medicine is so unique, and nourishing that you feel her love with each bite.

She has an exquisite way to blend flavours with all the goodness plant medicine offers in order to create artisan dishes.

Her passion, and specialty, is fermented foods and plant-based / vegan food.
Her mission is to explore the senses through food, because food is so much more than a meal! It is an experience.
Maria is also a yoga practitioner and instructor, keeping the balance between the Ying and Yang

All-inclusive Retreat Accommodation Options

Luxury Queen Bed Glamping Tent

This all-weather cotton canvas tent offers you a comfortable night's sleep, under the stars,  in the wilderness, without the hassle of setting up camp. An authentic indigenous experience.

Each tent is set up with electric lights and power point.

There is a shared hot shower and toilet included with this option.


All inclusive for one person ina queen bed luxury glamping tent                                        $1450 AUD
Additional person                                 $  620 AUD
Secure your spot with    $500AUD  Deposit               
Final payment by August 20th

*(Deposit not refundable for cancellations after august 10th)

Single-bed Glamping 

 A fully and beautifully dressed single-bed glamping tent with all amenities included.

Each tent is set up with electric lights. There is a shared hot shower and toilet included in the price.

This is an authentic indigenous experience.

All inclusive for each person  in a single bed glamping tent       
 $1170 AUD

 Secure your spot with  $500  Deposit                   
Final payment by August 20th

*(Deposit not refundable for cancellations after august 10th)


Dormitory-style Hall

A warm and cosy shared hall with 6 single bed-mattresses. Linen and indoor toilet included in the pric.

*Towels not included.

An affordable and comfortable option to immerse yourself in this unique experience. Community and sharing.

All inclusive for one person   $800 AUD 

Secure your spot with $350  Deposit                   

Final payment by August 20th

*(Deposit not refundable for cancellations after august 10th)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the retreat start and finish?
Check in is on Friday 9th of September at 2pm, check out Monday 12th of September at 10am.

How many people will be in the retreat?
There will be a maximum of 20 people during the retreat, including guides and caterers.

I'm traveling from Interstate - how do I get to the retreat venue?
The Retreat venue is located 1 hour and 40 minutes from Brisbane Airport and 50 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport.
On your booking, we will provide you with the exact location and maps.

I'm not very experienced at meditation or ceremonies - does this matter?
This is a safe space for everyone, regardless of your experience or meditation skills.
We will be performing powerful ceremonial rituals. However, you will be guided and supported throughout the retreat.
[A one-on-one interview with Pepem is a pre-requisite to participate in this experience if you haven't attended a previous Atlachinolli ceremony. ]
This feels like a big investment, will it be worth it? 
Deep healing of the soul starts when we take full responsibility and prioritise our own healing journey and take actions towards our own evolution. You will learn powerful and useful tools that will allow you to take full power of your healing journey and inner awakening. You will be supported throughout the retreat by various guides so you can make the most of this time. You will be nurtured and loved. We believe this is more than worth it! And based on prior feedback, participants from previous ceremonies and immersions have enjoyed and appreciated their experience. See some testimonials below.

Are payment plans available?
You can secure your spot with the deposit. The sooner you book, the longer you can stretch the payments out. 
The total retreat fee  is to be paid by the 20th of august via a personalised email-agreement with Surfing Butterfly. 

Would it be distracting to share the room with others?
On these immersion-based retreats, the sharing and connection that happens in the shared tents and dormitory and meals are very enriching for the integration process; and where you may gain a lot of insight from others.
However, the property is huge and there will be lots of places and natural areas to be discovered, and plenty of private and safe spaces for when you need some solo-time during the retreat.


Another Question

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The ceremony was the most amazing event I have ever attended. The energy and love that swirled amongst us all was beautiful to feel. We were in tune with the elements and the moon. I am truly grateful for you and your ability to bring forth such an inspiring connection to us all and Mother Earth.


 Thank you once again Pepem for bringing forth such potent medicine into the world.

It’s been a great pleasure coming to each one of your events, to gather with community and connect with those whom I can revel in this magic with


The Atlachinolli was beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined it to be! Pepem you hold such a beautiful space for people to come back to themselves. So many emotions came up for me to release, ones that were stagnant in me for quiet some time.  It was an all round night of deep healing and I will recommend to anyone! It’s a beautiful journey and such a safe space.


I experienced such a beautiful Mayan  Ceremony.

Pepem took us on a beautiful sacred journey to reconnect with our ancestors. 

All so inspiring and loving.

I don't honour my heart's calling often enough, so this was a beautiful experience that confirms that when my heart says GO, I just go.

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