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29th - 1st of October 2023

Brothers and Sisters......The Earth is calling

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By Surfing Butterfly

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Remember your connection with the Earth

A path to retrieve the lost sacred connections with the earth, our homeland, our ancestors and the magnetic force is in our vessel the sacred temple that holds our soul.

During this Immersion:


We will delve deep into practices that will allow us to understand the art and science of AYNI,  ​​the principle of reciprocity and harmony with all that surrounded us.

We will remember our deep connection with the great mother earth


Y​ou will anchor the wisdom from the earth as we enter her womb space through the sacred ritual of the Temazcal



This immersion is for you if you have a strong and deep longing to move forward, and step up, into discovering and reclaiming the magnetic force of the earth within you; To heal your ancestral linage through sacred earth rituals


"When we come together in a circle below the full equinox moon, we dance and pray together, we will contribute to the awakening of the 7 mothers for the healing and expansion of humanity".
Elder of the tradition White Eagle


Brothers and Sisters, come and join us for this epic gathering, to connect as one with the great mother earth, the sacred elements, on a sanctuary near Mothar Mountain.

Featuring a Lunar dance, fire circles, Earth and water healing ceremony, and Sacred Temazcal.

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* Two-night stay at a private campsite on land.

(Glamping tents available for an extra cost)

* 5 Nourishing wholefood meals and snacks throughout the Immersion

* Temazcal Ritual, more than a simple steam bath it's a ceremony that envelops physical, mental, and spiritual elements.

*Lunar Dance

*Magnesium Pool

* Art expression workshop

* Biochar Making

* Earth/ heart coherence through breath, sound, and movement.

* Make your own activating charcoal workshop

* Hiking and earth ceremony

* Reconnecting with your elemental voices


* Consagration with the elements

* Earth Meditation

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"I found Paty's Atlatchinolli retreat to be a profoundly meaningful, truly nurturing and a powerful experience. The deep traditional release work through the four elements, immersion in nature and heartfelt connections with fellow participants and facilitators left me feeling emotionally renewed and inspired. The vegan and fermented cuisine was simply outstanding. I loved it! 💗"





Pepem is an Ancestral Meditation Healing facilitator, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Traditional Mexicayotl Medicine practitioner and Sound Frequency Awakener. Her passion is to offer opportunities where everybody, regardless of their experience or background, can connect into the sacred space of the heart to listen the call of the great mother and awaken their inner healer. Pepem channels the whispers from the great mother earth and the grandmothers, guardians of the earth codes, curating the ancient wisdom into powerful traditional ceremonies, deep immersions in sacred lands using ritual techniques in an innovative way., Holds space for people as they heal their deepest traumas to find their voice and reconnect with the great mother earth. Through her own life experiences, Pepem embodies the Mayan practices and deep healing techniques through surrender and heart-coherence.




Margot invites you to this magnificent land to share the treasures within. She will provide you with nourishing food over the 3 days from the biodynamic soil with love and care. Owning an organic restaurant in Sydney and now catering for private functions from her magnificent garden.

"This was the most in depth and nourishing work I have ever been to, I would love to continue to learn from Pepem.
Thank you so much for all who delivered the workshop and made it so magical."

FREQUENTLY ASK QUESTIONS When does the Immersion start and finish? If your choose to bring your tent or caravan, you can arrive anytime before 2pm to set your camp, Glamping tent guest please arrive at 2pm. We will start at 3pm How many people will be in the Immersion? There will be a maximum of 36 people during the immersion including guides and support team. I'm not very experienced at meditation or ceremonies - does this matter? This is a safe space for everyone, regardless of your experience or meditation skills. We will be performing powerful ceremonial rituals. However, you will be guided and supported throughout the immersion. This feels like a big investment, will it be worth it? Deep healing of the soul starts when we take full responsibility and prioritise our own healing journey and take actions towards our own evolution. You will learn powerful and useful tools that will allow you to take full power of your healing journey and inner awakening. You will be supported throughout the immersion so you can make the most of this time. You will be nurtured and loved. We believe this is more than worth it! And based on prior feedback, participants from previous ceremonies and immersions have enjoyed and appreciated their experience. Can I bring my children? This is a very inclusive space, so yes you can, just bare in mind that the porperty is big and deep in the bush, so you need to be aware of your children all the timme, specifically if they are very young.

"I would recommend this weekend to anyone who is interested in healing their heart and finding love again.
Thank you Paty and team for loving me and helping me to release and find myself again.
I fell in love with my ancestor again, my name. My heart is lighter and I am ready to take on living ad loving life again.
Thank you"




$100 extra for children

10-15 yo

(2-night Campsite, 5 Nourishing meals, tea and snacks and all the activities and material Rituals)




$100 extra for children

10-15 yo

Bring your partner or your favourite person and have an amazing experience together

Total Exchange for two

(2-night Campsite, 5 Nourishing meals, tea and snacks, and all the activities and material Rituals)








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