Sun, Aug 22 | Fusion and Alcooringa Center



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Aug 22, 6:15 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+10
Fusion and Alcooringa Center, 176 Ballinger Rd, Buderim QLD 4556, Australia

About the Event

Atlachinolli: a term used by the Anahuac civilization representing Fire and Water - Surrender and Purification.

My name is Paty, "Pepem" my Mayan name which means Butterfly and I am delighted to share with you some of the powerful rituals of my heritage The Mayan and the Anahuac civilizations.

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For this coming full moon event, as we navigate into the new cycle as our higher selves, we will tune in on the date of the full moon to "YOLLOTL" The cardinal importance of the heart.

YOLLOTL, how the ancient aztecs refer to the heart, which translated from Nahualt means the action of living, the essence, the force of life, which is the natural state of all the living beings, according to the Aztecs.

The ancient Mexica considered that health and its natural counterpart, disease - depended on three psychic entities that were closely related. As long as they were balanced, We will focus during this ceremony on these 3 anaemic bodies with the deep intention of a perfect balance while we ignite the voice of our hearts, Yollotl - TEYOLIA the heart by which you live.

We will be performing heart ritual practices through surrendering as is the only way to drop into that sacred space.

We will assist our ceremony with the wisdom of medicinal plants, most of them used by the Ancient Mayans and Aztec to heal these anaemic bodies: "Teyolia", the Seat of the Soul, our vital energy, the heart centre and "Tonalli", the Seat of our Consciousness, the mental body, Hijiyotl our physicality.

We will tune into our hearts with the assistance of the Cacao and Roses.

The Mayans had a profound reverence to the master healer "Cacao Aka Cacahuatl" that they call the "Fruit from the Tree of Life". It assisted them through transcendence by dissolving the limits of separation.

It soothes the heart and rejuvenates the soul expanding the Teyolia.

We will bless our energy centres in the shape of the sacred spiral Atecocolli (the Concha shell) that forms the geometrical pattern of the universe.

This ceremony is divided into 3 parts where we will perform ancestral rituals of healing including 3 energetic cleansing with the elements.

There are limited spots so book early to secure your spot.

To prepare for this ceremony, we recommend avoiding alcohol, narcotics and cigarettes 24 hours prior to the ceremony.

Much love,

Paty "PEPEM"

Surfing Butterfly


"This was my first experience and I can’t express my gratitude enough. What a beautiful moment shared. I’ve never felt so much peace after leaving this beautiful gathering. I wish I could bottle that feeling.

Thank you to Brook too who took me under her wing and explained the process. She set me up next to her so it felt like “home”.

Your name is absolutely spot on cause the healing washed over me in waves last night. Cant wait to do it again."

Alison Tucker

"Atlachinolli ceremonies have always been a pleasure to attend. The beautiful space, energy, and delicious teas provide the perfect opportunity to connect with your heart and soul"

Marcela Guerra 

"Thank you, Pati for the powerful healing ceremony of surrender and purification that you led. I arrived with an open heart, ready to cleanse and heal what no longer served me. I can tell you that I feel so much lighter, happier and grounded as a result. Powerful, work and very grateful to have had the experience.

Ashley Sharples 

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