Frequently asked questions

How do I brew my Chakra Tea?

When brewing your chakra tea's, we recommend starting with water that is a little below boiling temperature (ideally 90c/194F), and then pour it into your tea pot infuser or your cup and tea strainer. Let it brew for 4 minutes. Brewing it for a longer time will result in a stronger flavour.

Does it matter which Chakra Tea I start with?

No, if you are aware of a particular centre you need to work on, following for the ones you feel need balancing. If you are not sure, start with the following up next. If you are not sure wether you need to balance a specific centre, then start with root upwards. Or with one of the kit that brings the 7 chakra teas in smaller formats for you to feel them and asses it in your body.

Are the tea blends made in Australia?

The tea blends are made in Queensland, Australia but the herbs come from different places around the world. We pride ourselves on selecting the best suppliers, preferentially family businesses, to supply the herbs for our plant-based solutions. Drawing on a tight-knit network of ethical growers to bring us pure and responsibly sourced products, healthy for people and planet alike.

Are the teas organic?

The herbs for our blends are ACO-certified. This means they’ve been grown without the use of synthetic or toxic substances for a three-year minimum period - and contain no added artificial colours or fragrances.

What is the shipping time for online orders in Australia?

Depending on how far you are, shipping times will vary. We estimate between 3-5 days for delivery to most locations, with an additional 1-2 days for remote regional locations, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.