At Surfing Butterfly, our passion is to assist you with recovering the three sacred connections that humanity has lost over the years.  

These connections are our way back to oneness that will allow you to step into your higher self while reclaiming your full radiance.  


The 3 sacred connections are:  


  • *The connection with ourselves through our sacred heart   

  • *The connection with our sacred healing energy, the feminine energy all human beings have regardless of gender, and that has been suppressed for centuries.  

  • The connection with our Mother Earth, and the wisdom of plants that have assisted us in our evolution since the beginning of human kind. 


We want to make your healing journey as easy as possible.   


The healing wave is a movement that brings ancient techniques full of wisdom used by our ancestors, aligned with the natural elements, the natural cycles and the 4 winds.  

This, in synergy with the powerful blends of plants, will ignite your healing journey in a safe community full of love and meaning.    


Together in collaboration with an amazing group of health professionals and wise souls, we have created a one- stop healing hub where your goals can be easily achieved.  

So, if you're here, it's not a coincidence, BUT a synchronicity!  


It fills me with emotion to be able to co-create with you a community of so much love where our main goal is growth, evolution and awakening that will lead us to those sacred connections!  

Join us at our events where you will be able to practice this healings with the wisdom of  plants.