At Surfing Butterfly we want to make your healing journey as easy as possible. Our aim is to bring together an amazing group of people that will create a one stop healing hub where your goals can be easily achieved.



Health Coaching can be considered as looking down from above with a helicopter view of your lifestyle with respect to your health and wellbeing. It involves highlighting key areas in your life that could be causing you pain, frustration or simply plateau. 

Coaching works to assess your current health issues and then putting a solid plan in place to help move you forward. This includes both small and big steps suited to what’s best for you and where you’re at on your health journey. The key to my approach is to treat the body as a whole.

My name is Melanie and I am a Holistic Health Coach. I am a certified nutritionist and board-certified holistic health coach, with a degree in psychology. I have experienced my own health struggles, rebuilding my body back to optimal health after exposure to high-strength antibiotics, hormonal drugs, and extreme stress. 

I was drawn to this practice as I love offering education and support guiding people who want to improve their health and their lives.  My goal with each client is to get to the source of the problem to create long-term change (rather than just suggesting something that gives you instant relief).

Part of my coaching practice includes Guidance on testing (including advice around what optimal results really look like), Guidance in supplementation and dosage, Nutrition and diet reviews, Weight loss tips, Probiotic advice, Helpful habits, and behaviors, Reviewing your beliefs on health and wellbeing. 

I will work closely with you, introducing you to practices designed to help and support your health journey – from the latest scientifically backed treatments to ancient health practices.

I know having someone to talk to and who has your back, can make a big difference. Very often this can be the missing link to what is holding you back, stopping you from reaching the next level of your health and making the breakthrough you’re looking for.

If you are interested in working with me or just want to find out more, I offer a free 20 minute "Step Change' session to see whether you think one-to-one coaching would be a good fit for you. 

To get in contact email me at and we can jump on a call.



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