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Echoes Of Your Soul - Live Transmission

A special presentation for those who wish to immerse themselves in the worlds deepest spiritual reserve of Mexico

Join Paty and Imish, the Mayan Wisdom Keeper of spiritual and ancestral knowledge, to hear more about how this unique retreat will:

Allow you to hear more clearly the path Mother Earth is guiding you to - the life and purpose you are on

Strip back the ego mind so you can break through your habits and choose to follow the path you know you are meant for.

Why this area of Mexico is leading the movement of consciousness expansion around the world.

Learn why immersing yourself in the Mayan jungle, a place where many pyramids are located and where two of the most powerful energy vortexes are located is paramount now!

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UK: Friday 26th 8pm GMT

MEXICO: Friday 26th 2pm CST  

AUS: Saturday 27th 6am AEST

Where: This will be a live video call (like zoom!)

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Meet Imish

 Mayan Wisdom Keeper

Imish Kuj from the Mayan lineage is a ritual specialist & psychologist, a wisdom keeper of spirituality and ancestral knowledge.

Imish has travelled the paths of ancestral wisdom from sacred territories throughout the Americas. He incorporates them into eloquence through his teaching and guidance as a healer, spiritual specialist, chiropractor, psychologist, and knower of the mystic arts. He is a herbal alchemist and power plant altar holder.


Paty Lizama

Your Guide and Facilitator

I am Paty Walliz, or “Pepem” my Mayan name which means butterfly.  I arrived in this wonderful world in one of the most special energy points of the planet, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. From an early age I have always sought for answers that led me to a strong commitment to my spiritual path. My maternal grandmother “Mami” was a pillar in my initiation into the commitment to spirituality. 

My paternal grandmother "Abuelita" sowed in me the seed of wisdom of my origins and linage from the Mayan culture.  She shared with me the arts of Mayan Cacao blends and the wisdom of the Mayans Cosmovision. 

I was exposed to sacred rituals of plants understanding their power and how plants have held the space for us since the beginning ...

I would love to share with you just how transformative this deep immersion will be, and to bring you into the energy of our retreat before we leave Australia.

If you feel the call, click the button below to join us live. 

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