Detox from the eyes of the ancestors

The key components of detoxing the body

Detox is a word that nowadays is taken to lightly that doesn't encompass the true meaning of the concept.

In ancestral civilisations detoxing was a spiritual initiation to cleanse the physical, mental, and emotional sides of our bodies, and thus reaching a high spiritual state of consciousness.

These are some sacred rituals of detoxing, to start with:

  • Isolation, finding a space for prayer, meditation.

  • not eating any food products of animal origin, except fresh fish, avoiding salt, sugar, spices, oils.

  • avoiding any stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, chemicals or medications.

  • Sexual abstinence

  • Support the process with the intake of medicinal plants.

  • Classic plant-based and liquid diet

  • A process that would last between 3 and 5 days, and longer in some instances

The body is a exposed to lots of harmful bacteria and compromising factors.

Our bodies are so perfect that it has an innate and intelligent capacity to heal and maintain balance.

Problems start when the body loses this balance and with it it´s capacity to regain the homeostasis from the threats of the biochemical processes.

Ancestors always saw the body as energetic organism, and understood the subtle anatomy of the body, they saw the origin of disease, starting with a state of disharmony. This would allow them to break this pattern through recognition of the cause of disharmony, followed by the intention to bring harmony back by regaining and maintaining the order.

They didn't have the technology we have today that allow us to learn more about the depth of human anatomy, although in a very subtle way they were so attuned with the body and honoured the consciousness of each organ, specially the organs that play vital roles in our wellbeing.

They understood that the patterns of disharmony that lead to imbalance always started with toxic emotions.

Today science have proved that toxic emotions play a huge role in the lost of this balance, stress and anxiety have a major impact on our health and well-being.

The key components of detoxing the body were understood, honoured and worshiped by the ancestors. They saw them as the doors that link Teyolia, the realms of the heart with Ihiyotl the realms of physicality.

The Lungs: The eternal provider, the center of the respiratory system, the biggest partner of the heart, that sits in the centre of Teyolia (the emotional body, the heart centre) and is the beginning of the bridge that links the heart centre with self-expression.

Together with the heart, the lungs encompass emotions.

Many of the lung issues are manifested by holding breath, being in the state of hurt, grief, loss and fear.

Enhance your healing process with the special throat blend which has a powerful synergy with herbs for this organ such as mint,echinacea, elderberries and ginger.

Liver: the biggest filtration system, the largest gland in the body. This amazing consciousness was perceived as the primary gateway from the emotional realms to physicality.

The liver sits in the centre of the solar plexus “Pamitl” and is the biggest laboratory in our body that can easily become blocked with anger, resentment and frustration.

Recommended blend to heal this master: Root Centre Blend working with the 3 master herbs for this organ, such as dandelion, ginger and fennel along others.

Kidneys: The biggest alchemist and the largest filter of our blood, filtering around 140 litres of fluid from the blood daily.

Kidneys are the consciousness that sits in the border between the sacral “Iwitl” and the root centre “Kolotl” the core of our self identity and the fire of life. Is the mirror of the psyche where all the ancestral memories of trauma are stored and the memory of the life purpose. Fear is the number one toxic emotion that blocks this organ. Try the upgraded Sacral blend with special herbs for the kidneys such as Nettle and Horsetail.

These 3 masters are exposed to tremendous amount of toxins daily and keep the body in homeostasis by processing nutrients and flushing away any waste that the body doesn't need. They continuously restore the balance in the body that suffers by the sheer amount of toxic emotions we store throughout the years.

Be aware, honour your body, heal your soul!

Remember awareness is the door to consciousness and consciousness the door to deep healing

All you need is within you.

Support your healing journey with these the 3 master blends that will support each one of these organs, Root, Sacral and Throat Centre Teas

If you want to ignite the subtle healing in a powerful scenario with ancestral rituals, join us in the next ceremony of surrender Atlachinolli GENESIS

Much Love

"Pepem" Surfing Butterfly

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