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Exploring the Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Spiral: A Journey Through History and Spirituality

Our central canal and the mighty energy centres, are mostly known in the western countries as per the ancient Indian wisdom Chakras.

These energy centres have not been only part of the Ancient Indian cosmovision, but the majority of the ancient civilizations around the world.

From the ancient cosmovision, the human body is perceived as a bridge that unifies the energy of the earth with the cosmos by being is between heaven and earth. In terms of energy, this is much more than a beautiful phrase. Because the human energy structure participates in both cosmic and telluric energies.

These energies from the earth and the cosmos, move through the body through over 100 focal points of energy around our body. Seven major ones along our spine influence the organs in each region.

Our energy field is nourished by the energies of heaven and earth through the central canal. This runs through our energetic structure from the head to the perineum. In reality, it extends much higher, into the cosmos, and much lower, into the interior of the earth.

The central canal that holds the centres is divided in three main centres:

The inferior world:

Connected to the earth's energy.

The main energy of this main centre is located approximately three fingers below the navel, it is the main deposit of our vital energy.

The internal world:

The point where both energies converge, the celestial and the terrestrial, is located behind the heart and is the seat of our Internal Master. Here the transformative alchemy occurs that can catapult our path of self-knowledge

The Superior world:

The energy from heaven. located at the confluence of the Crown Chakra with the Third Eye.

In this centre is produced the direct knowledge that is beyond matter, time and space.

For the Incas, these energy centres were called Ñawis which means “Eyes” and were represented in sacred stones called KHUYAS referred to different animals of power: Puma, Condor, Snake, Hummingbird, as well as the sun, moon and the earth.

For the Ancient Mayans and Toltecs, the energy flows in a clockwise spiral form through these main seven energy centres, starting from the heart.

As they saw our energy structure as a replica of the cosmic structure, with four directions and a centre, manifesting the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, wind and light, located in the body as energy centres.

Simultaneously, along with the natural matter component, it expresses the subtle natural component, In Mayan Language known as Pixan, Ool, Kinam, Ik and Tukul, through which it is interrelated with the different levels of the cosmos. The interaction of these physical and energetic components occurs both in a space delimited by four sides and in the temporal dimension derived from movement.

The traditional healers of the ancient traditions knew that each one of these energy centres has their own frequency, emotions create movements, and if the emotion comes from a low frequency, it will stagnate and will block the natural flow of energy from all these centres.

These energy blockages in the long term can be very detrimental to physical health creating a biological imbalance that could trigger a health condition.

This year we will be offering deep immersive and sensorial gatherings (online and in presence) activating and aligning these centres with our physical body, the first in-presence gathering is 21st of January.

Much love and gratitude


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