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Nutrigenomics, the science of the interaction of nutrition and dietary natural compounds within our genes, helping the body heal itself.

Cellular science with spectacular results.

Nrf 2 & Oxidative StressAll degenerative health conditions are caused by oxidative stress and 95% of all adult conditions are degenerative – they have oxidative stress as their cause or oxidative stress is a product of the condition itself. The fact that oxidative stress plays such a significant part in our health is not news.For many years scientists have known this to be the case and we have been consuming the latest superfoods, antioxidants, supplements and vitamins to try to combat oxidative stress. However, these antioxidants are only part of the solution. You need the materials (the good nutrition) and the labour (the body’s ability to put those materials to good use).What if there was an opportunity to supplement the body with what it needs to do the labour – would you want to know more about it?

For the first time ever through Nutrigenomics we are able to activate our Nrf2 pathway which is what Washington State University says:

‘the most extraordinary therapeutic and preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.”

You can LITERALLY add years to your life!!!!

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