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The environment and your biology

When a plant isn't growing or thriving, you don't need to fix the plant itself, instead, you fix the environment around the plant. Like a plant, you don't need to be fixed, you simply need to create an environment that nurtures your growth.

Today during these crazy times we are living in, I would love to take this opportunity to remind you, You are not a victim of your genetics, so you can modify the outcome of your life by modifying your environment and the frequency you choose to live in. When we understand we are beings of pure energy and vibration, and that frequency is the cycle of waves of energy that travel from one point to another, Our emotions are simply energy in motion. So in other words emotions carry a frequency and when aligned with our environment determines 99% of our reality. It has been found that high-frequency emotions (love, gratefulness) relax the DNA helix while low-frequency emotions (Fear, hate) contract it. When the DNA helix is ​​relaxed you are healthy with a strong immune system. When it is contracted the immune system declines and slows down and blocks the natural healing flow of energy in your biology, the Morphogenic Field. Morphic resonance works through morphic fields, which organize the bodies of plants and animals through vibratory patterns and underlie their abilities to regenerate and heal after damage. Morphic fields also coordinate the vibratory activities of the nervous system and are closely connected to mental activity. When you reprogram your thoughts, you rewire your brain bringing different outcomes in your reality. But it is difficult to change thoughts when the environment that feeds those old thoughts stays the same. Scientists call these genetic modifications Epigenetics, an emerging area of scientific research that shows how environmental influences affect genetical expression. This defines how our cells read those genes. As a collective, we are experimenting with an invisible division of realities, where low frequencies such as guilt, anger, and fear, are being continually triggered. During these times you are presented with an opportunity to choose to take responsibility for your thoughts and change those old patterns simply by changing your environment and mind.

This is not something new, it is just that that science is simply rediscovering what ancient civilizations understood as the true law of nature. They knew toxic environments, atmospheres and spaces influence the body’s energy field by creating incoherence and blocked patterns, Prehispanic civilizations interpreted disease as an unbalance caused by these toxic environments and they would diagnose it as ¨Mal Aire”. In our coming conscious gatherings “Atlachinolli” the main objective is to create a loving environment that invites all the participants to drop deep into the space of the heart and tune into the nurturing environment we hold together. So how can you make the most of this ancient wisdom today that science is just proving? The first step to evaluate your environment is to answer these questions honestly?

When you are away, do you look forward to coming back home?

Is your space a restorative sanctuary for you?

The people that surround you, do you look forward to spending time with them and being around them?

Do you feel elated after their company?

Do you look forward to your work or is it just a survival activity?

Are you in toxic environments or around negative people who bring you down?

As soon as you become aware of your surroundings and their energies, you have the power to change them. As a result, you raise your vibration and change your reality.

Chose your environment wisely:

Be conscious of people you are spending your time with and let go of those who do not serve you. (easier said than done!)

Surround yourself with positive people & spend quality time in nature.

Nature has a very high vibration. By spending time outside and walking barefoot, we become part of a process called “earthing”. Earthing allows our bodies to receive a charge of beneficial energy from the ground.

When surrounded by nature, our ego starts to dissolve, our low frequencies dissipate and we raise our vibration.

Curanderos (Healers) in the Mesoamerica civilizations take seriously their energy clearing protocols with the elements Limpias to clean the environment.

Here are some powerful master healer herbs that will aid you to balance the energy in your mind and body.

Much love to you in this strong ride on this healing wave of evolution.

Paty “Pepem”

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