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The Essence Of Ceremony

"Ceremony is the passage way of the soul to the infinite"

Bringing ceremony to our everyday life allows us to tune deeper into our soul so we can live harmoniously and intentionally while being in the present moment.

One of the lost sacred aspects of human society is ceremony and we are in the stage of retrieving the connection with ceremony and rituals with the high intention of opening our direct passage to the sacred space of the heart.

Ceremonies have been happening since the beginning of time in human history.

Paleolithic cave paintings dating back more than 10,000 years ago show our ancestors performing fertility dances around the fire or taking part in spiritual ceremonies praising the hunt.

Xukulem, how the Mayans referred to ceremony, was a direct offering to mother earth, the elements, the directions, and not to any religion per se. Xukulem was performed in sacred places and with spiritually significant materials such as Copals which come from the bark of a tree.

No matter which culture, religion, or ethnicity you belong to, every group of humanity has had its traditions, ritualistic practices, and specific ceremonies to create distinctiveness to the ordinary routine.

It is only recently that human society lost this connection to ceremonies and rituals the ancestors so clearly left for us, and have been replaced with instant gratification and superficial entertainment.

In a time when everything seems to be explainable by science, the magic of ceremony has been frowned upon and displaced to religious institutions or native tribes exclusively.

For our ancestors, rituals were crucial in their lives as they gave them structure in a world they couldn’t comprehend. They held ceremonies to pray for success in hunting, fertility, and good weather for the harvest.

Humans today just need to take a look at a smartphone to find when will it rain, or to track fertility via an app.

Everything is accessible and explainable for us, but that also takes a lot of the magic and unexpectedness of life away.

As we lost the magic of ceremony we also lost a crucial element that ceremony and rituals provide which is our happiness, connectedness, and the maintenance of a healthy society: Community.

What happens when you bring ceremony into your life?

Rituals and ceremonies allow us to open our hearts and connect with our roots, our ancestors, sooth our hearts simply by showing us we are all united and we belong to a global living and conscious community.

Intentional ritual gives shape to emotions and helps humans come to terms with the major events in their lives and allow us the deepening of spiritual insight.

When we come into a ceremonial circle we come together as equals. Circles are as ancient as time, with no beginning and no end

Bringing ceremony into our lives allow us to realise that the understanding of the world is not just physical and mental realm but a holistic integration of spirit, mind and body, through thought, feeling, speech and action.

It has been discovered that performing rituals in a ceremonial way produces positive discharges from the limbic brain that increase empathy between people and, with it, social cohesion.

Intentional ceremonies releases autoimmune responses and the chemistry of happiness such as endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, GABA, Dopamine and Nitric Oxide.

Ceremonies activates and balance simultaneously the right and left hemispheres of the brain allowing them to work in a more interconnected way.

This enhances creativity and a more holistic and profound understanding of reality.

Ceremonial rituals allow us to make sense of things, to feel that the experiences have a coherence, and trusting that the world is ordered and perfect as it is.

Through the repetition and regularity of rituals develops our adaptation to change and understanding that Life is full of rites of passages. At times It's hard to think of certain life challenges and/or changes without accompanying a celebration with them.

They also allow humans to end cycles and to embrace the new in a safe and sacred space, giving them permission to express emotions amongst like minded people without fear of judgement.

Using the power of ceremony with full awareness, far from making us unscientific, puts into action both the resources of ancient wisdom and those of modern psychological knowledge. In other words, it opens up endless channels for us simultaneously when searching for answers or expressing what we feel.

Be intentional, be mindful, bring ceremony to your life, as is the most direct way to express self love. Following the ritualistic chakra teas and the master blends by blessing them with the intention of the affirmations card is a step to start adding self-love ceremony to your life. Much love on your healing journey Pepem

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