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The power of Earth-Heart Coherence

I want to share with you the core of the work I am introducing to you through the ancestral practices we have been applying in the Atlachinolli ceremonies along with the power of medicinal plants crafted in a way that assist us to achieve this powerful practice.

Lets start with the Cosmo-Vision through ancient times about the powerful door to oneness: the sacred heart.

The heart is an organ that has been worshiped since the beginning of humanity by all ancient civilisations and described as the emotional and spiritual center of the body.

The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Teotihuacans (in ancient Mexico) believed that the heart housed morality, life, and the soul.

At some point, it was believed from the beginning of the industrialisation, humans started loosing this sacred connection as we became more intellectual that has unravelled todays society full of greed, disease and disfunction.

In Ancient Egypt, the heart was regarded as the organic motor of the body and also the seat of intelligence, an important religious and spiritual symbol. It was considered as one of the eight parts of human body. Counter to other organs it had to be kept carefully intact in the mummy to ensure its eternal life. (Research published on Pubmed)

The Ancient Mayans believed in life after death, because life was an endless time. For them, each person had a sacred heart formed by a series of soul components that traveled through the spaces of the cosmos. For the Mayans, life and death were indispensable components.

They already knew that the sacred heart contains emotions, understanding, moods, personal values, memory and will. They perceived the heart as not a unitary element, but a flow of the soul capable of spreading throughout various parts of the body.

For the Aztecs the correspondence between the sun and the heart linked the cosmos, the planet and the body.

In the center was the sun to sustain life on the planet and the heart was in the centre of the body to sustain our lives. The Nahuatl word for heart comes from the verb Yollotl, which means to be born, to live, to revitalise.

Removing it and offering it to the divinity was the way to maintain the cycle of life, to supply the sun with energy to follow its daily course.

Today science is backing up this ancient knowledge with a lot of research of the heart intelligence specifically done by The Hearth Math Institute dedicated to studying this amazing organ and portal of the soul.

It has been proven that the heart is an organ that owns its own network of neurones that are totally independent from the brain. With it´s own system of short-term and long-term memory neurones that sends signals to the brain which affect our emotional experience. This is also confirms that the heart communicates more to the brain than the other way around.

The Heart Math Institute has proved what happens with our biology when we breath focusing in on our heart while activating high frequency emotions such as gratitude, appreciation, love and care. This process is called by the Institute “The heart-brain coherence”.

Now where does “Earth - Heart” breathing come from? It’s about linking science fully with ancestral practice, the first sacred connection (with our heart) with another powerful and lost sacred connection, the connection with the Earth.

It’s been proven that the tremendous healing power the earth has on us specifically with the circulatory system and the overall health or the heart.

Research has shown that 10 minutes of grounding reduces stress, inflammation, pain, improves sleep, energy and blood flow.

When we ground we receive a flow of energy from the earth that is negatively charge through all the body result in an increase of negative charge in the blood cells that allows the cells to repel each other which reduces cell clumping, improving blood flow.

When we apply Earth-Heart coherence, we ground and connect the heart back to the roots of human and earth wisdom, recovering the two lost sacred connections that bring us back to wholeness and restoring our Teyolia, “living in the heart”.

To assist you in this practice there are powerful master herbs that helps us biologically to enter in that stage such as: Cacao, Roses, Blue Lotus Flower, Reishi and Ashwagandha.

We have crafted 2 powerful blends that will allow us to drop into the heart easier: The Teyolia Blend and The Tonalli Blend.

These two blends are our principal assistance during our ceremonies of surrender and purification.

Much Love always Paty "PEPEM"

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