The Sacred Flow of the Soul

The sacred flow of the soul is the flow that allows us to be centred in our own consciousness, allowing life to unfold from the core vital force, the inner identity as a non-physical self within a physical body to experience a physical world.

This deep spiritual flow is where the soul experiences consciousness itself, distinguishing the self from the physical body and its other multi-dimensional existences.

The Mayans referred to this sacred flow as “SAK NIK NAHAL”

SAK NIK NAHAL is based on their belief that humans are not self-sufficient creatures existing and functioning as an independent body and soul. Rather, an extension of the universe around him.

They considered the heart, blood, and feet as the portals to access the laws of nature that

ignites this sacred flow within your inner soul through your physicality.

The Heart "Teyolia" was perceived as the place of the Soul, and the blood contains an ethereal essence that can be assimilated to the inner soul.

Whilst the breath establishes the link of humans with the supernatural, the blood is the authentic substance of the soul.

The feet, not only were believed to be the point of connection between the body and soul but also the portal that allow the soul to travel through different dimensions with the blessings of the ancestors.

Let´s dive a little bit deeper into these 3 vital forces of our physicality.

The heart was regarded as the organic motor of the body and also the seat of the soul, an important religious and spiritual symbol.

The sacred heart contains emotions, understanding, moods, personal values, memory, and will. They perceived the heart as not a unitary element, but a flow of the soul capable of spreading throughout various parts of the body.

Blood is both physical and spiritual life. It represents life itself, as the element of divine life that functions within the human body.

It transports oxygen and nutrients around the body and helps to remove waste.

It regulates our body temperature and helps to fight infections.

In short, blood brings life to every cell in our body and cleanses it. We may have been taught to think of blood in biological terms but blood is of great spiritual significance to God. The Bible tells us that blood also has life-giving and spiritual purification properties.

Long before modern medicine, blood was viewed as magical. The elixir that held the mystical force of life.

The substance that when is drained from the body life departs.

Blood is the essence of our life in this 3D hologram that connects us and holds the memory of who we are and where we come from.

Feet supports and carries the body through life, feeling every little nuance of what both motivates and also deters you from moving ahead, unhindered and in your power. Your feet help you to balance, raise and lower your body, walk, run, sprint, or even fly.

The soles of the feet link the body to the neglected Earth Star chakra.

The Earth Star chakra is not located in the physical body like most of the other chakras are, yet it still can have significant effects on day-to-day life.

This chakra is believed to be located about twelve inches below the feet, in the etheric (or non-physical) body

This energy centre allows the soul to feel stable and grounded within its physicality. It connects directly to the core of the earth, to Gaia, the ancestral mother of life, and to the divine feminine. It is the grounding point of the entire chakra system connecting you to all of humanity.

7 ways to ignite the sacred flow of the soul.

Meditation: is the most effective way to connect and ignite the flow of the soul.

By visualizing a cord of light that travels through your spine connecting all the energy centres to your feet, going through each layer of the earth until it reaches the core. Imagine this cord anchoring you to the core of the earth.

Earthing: Earthing is direct contact with the earth.

Whether you are taking a walk or standing tall, begin by setting the intention to connect deeply to the earth. Take 4 deep breathes and bring your focus to the bottoms of your feet. Feel each foot as it touches the ground and deepens your connection.

Crystals: Wearing dark brown or black crystals such as onyx, obsidian, black tourmaline will assist in connecting with this sacred flow to the earth start centre.

Also, aqua quartz is also effective in clearing the Earth Star.

When you place the crystal on your body or in your pocket, take 3-5 deep breaths and set the intention of connecting and clearing the Earth Star chakra.

Frequency: The earth star frequency is 68.05 HZ – listening to this frequency during mediation or having it playing as you go about daily activities will deepen your connection to the earth, and assist in releasing anxiety.