The Sacred Vessel

Celebrating motherhood is an opportunity to celebrate the sacred vessel that allow you to transit into this space called life.

This coming Atlachinoli ceremony we will focus on honouring and recovering the connection to our origins. The sacred vessel.

Let’s reconnect with the root of your origin, the miraculous organ that protected you and allowed you to enter the portal of life. The vessel that has been forgotten and with it the map of your soul, the placenta.

This sacred vessel (the placenta) is the conductor that unites you with your mother and it was conceived at the time of your conception and it is formed before any organs in the body were formed. Its life can seem short as it only lasts the period of life within the mother´s womb, but is the most important consciousness for humans to enter life and the only identity that carries 100% of your unique genetical code.

With human birth, the life of the placenta ends and also is the culmination of the great mystery of conscious life, according to the Aztecs.

Often we have thought that the placenta belongs to the mother when it really belongs to the human that is arriving into life.

It is the immaculate representation, the sacred drop from the divine source that we are all part of.

The Placenta was seen in the cosmovision of many ancestral cultures as the hologram of the soul that carries the blue print of the life experiences the person needs to live in order to achieve transcendence.

The problem is that humanity has lost its connection with it, and with it their spiritual map.

So my invitation to you is to reconnect with that sacred root, heal it so you remember who you are and why you choose to be here and now.

It is time for humanity to return to the sacred womb, the healing birth place of all things.

The creative force that urges us to remember and gives shape to the calling from the soul!

It is time to remember the drumming heartbeat of mother earth. The sacred vessel of us all!

It is time to get ready so you can flow into your own evolution and consciousness as more portals of momentum for growth and awakening are open for all of us!

The universe is fertile soil that will bring into your space whatever you focus your attention on!

So it is up to you what you bring into your life by choosing where you focus your energy.

Here is a list of 6 powerful plants that will assist you to remember the map of your soul.

Roses: The heart opener, roses have always been used as love magic.

Supports the heart both physically and emotionally. The rose harmonises the blood and is used to regulate menstrual cycles and blood stagnation.

Cacao: allow us to deeply connect with the inner self by opening your heart. Mayans believed that there is an ancestral relationship with humankind and cacao, where limits and separation dissolved making them to be one on the journey back to oneness.

Hawthorn: can help you connect to the energy of your heart.

Many cultures that traditionally used Hawthorn leaves and berries, including Native American, Chinese and European, employed it as a heart tonic.

Chamomile: provides a sense of calm and can help soothe the nervous system

Tulsi: Holy Basil helps maintain the balance of the body's energy systems and can provide a sense of ease

Nettle: helps bring our awareness to the things in life that are uncomfortable

If you would like to experience a practical way to reconnect with this lost connection, join us at the next healing ceremony Atlachinoli: The Sacred Vessel.

For those who prefer a most private group or personal healing, contact us for more information.

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