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A wild crafted and high frequency oil blend.


Ingredients: Rose Damascena petals, Rose Damascena essential oil, Organic Rosehip oil, Cold Press Organic Macadamia Oil, Aloe Vera extract and Natural Vitamin E.


Made in a traditional maceration way. The Rose flowers have been macerated for a full moon cycle in the Macadamia and Rosehip organic oils.

This Oil is beyond a skin oil, is a heart opener.

Roses have the highest vibration.

Roses remind us that we constantly are being reborn, blooming, and regenerating. They remind us of the mystery and beauty and constant unfolding of life.

Through the Olfactory System that reaches your limbic brain in 6 seconds when you smell it, and through the skin wherein 30 seconds the information of the flowers reach your bloodstream.


Act as a natural moisturizer to help improve the look and feel of dry, rough, or flaky skin.
Suitable for nearly all skin types, as it can also help to balance the skin's oil content, which may help to combat acne blemishes.

Decreases anxiety and stress relief, eases depressive symptoms, eases pain, relief from menstrual discomfort.

Increase a feeling of self love and self worth.


Rose Oil 55ml



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    Organic Rose Skin Serum.


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